Bentley Bear and Bouquet: A special gift for someone special

Love is the universal language, they say. Every individual has a distinct way of expressing his   love for different people on different occasions. While some may show it through words, others may show their love through affection and physical contact. Again, there are some amongst us who express their love through gifts. Indeed, gifts help express some of our intrinsic emotions.

The language of gifts: Gifts, undoubtedly, are a unique language of love.  However, choice is important when it comes to choose the right present for the right occasion.  Talking of the best presents, they are the ones which have meaning to your loved ones.  Teddy bear is one of the most preferred choices for the romantic souls.

Here are a few reasons which make the teddy bear a special romantic gift:

Romantic appeal:  The teddy bear, when accompanied with a bouquet, becomes the personification of romance. The combo also makes for the archetypal "I love you" gift and will therefore, convey your feelings perfectly.  You can buy a stuffed animal and the flowers together in one package. You may also buy them separately and customise everything.  For example, you may get your favourite flowers with a teddy bear.

The fun element
You can tickle the funny bones of your beloved by giving her a teddy bear. You can make a great statement with the bear and really make her laugh. For instance, you may tie a rope around the teddy bear and attach a message along, saying “Always at your service”.


You can personalise a teddy bear with a host of messages and other items like candies and chocolates or any tit bit that your lady love would love to possess.

A great memento

A cute, little teddy bear defeats candies and chocolates in that it has the added benefit of sticking around for a long time – a gift which will constantly remind your beloved of you.  This way, your sweetheart will always remember how much you care for her.

Bentley Bear and Bouquet: A special token of love

If you are one of them who want to win someone's heart, Bentley Bear, with big soft paws and longing gaze, would be the right choice for you.  Combine the cuddly friend with a bouquet of timeless, beautiful seasonal flowers and you get a unique and memorable gift to offer to your significant half.
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