Lose Weight with Few Successful Plans

Lose Weight with Few Successful Plans
All most all the people are having an intention to tone his or her body weight effectively. They used to practice several procedures or steps towards achieving it. It will be effective only for some particular kind of people apart from them all is ending up with failure. As Body temperatures, fat content, calorie content of an individual differ from person to person, it is vital to know and to consume the one which is suitable for them. Even though there are several health tips available online, it is advisable to consult an expert dietician before consuming any supplement pills.

Rather than avoiding the habit of eating, start practicing the changes that has been prescribed by the dieticians.  Cultivate the habit of in taking a couple of small squares of chocolate bars having high content of cocoa. Instead of mixing meals with the foods in the boxes, use fresh fruits, vegetables and meats in the meal preparation process.  It can also be reduced by in taking healthy, pure supplements that are extracted from natural products and ingredients.

Green tea is a natural product extracted from the skin of yellowish fruit. They are purely manufactured without any chemical mixture; hence they can be utilized effectively for the purpose of losing weight. This supplement plays a vital role in suppressing the appetite of an individual. Steroidly are more reliable nowadays in the market.  However they are having certain drawbacks and side effects due to improper consumption of pills. Healthy foods and fresh vegetables are the only medicines without any side effects, hence consuming them in the proper way will minimize almost half of the calorie content. Maintain a healthy toning body structure by consuming healthy foods along with the habit of practicing the above mentioned exercises.

When you are taking steroids it is very important to know all the things about this product, before using it make sure that you fully understand how this product works and what to expect. It is also necessary to buy a pure weight loss extract for getting best result. This article will help you to know about some of the important information about this product.

The first thing you are in need to know is why this product is so popular. This product was presented along with the clinical study details that showed that the people who took this product were able to lose their weight ten pounds per month. The way it works is that it is a natural anti oxidant, it helps to reduce fat. The other advantage of using this is that it is an appetite agent, so if you are prone to being hungry all the time when you are on a diet then this will help you. It is very simple just take a pill before your meal and it will never allow you to eat much, it is really simple. For more information trawl through the website of different weigh loss supplement producers.

Bone marrow transplant at breath-taking prices

Bone marrow transplant at breath-taking prices
The costs of a bone marrow transplant indicates the complexity of the condition. In United States the operation is going to cost you $ 250,000, whereas in the UK it is around $ 150,000. But what might be surprising is that the same surgery cost could be cut down to $ 30,000. How is it going to happen? The answer to this question is going  to shock you. Now you might be wondering the best course of treatment at 90 % less of price. Yes the answer is right in front of you and it has got to do with the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India.

The hospitals for bone marrow transplant in India are following the same procedures with standard protocols. The success rate is similar to the advanced countries of Europe with substantial savings in terms of cost. It is not only about the cost, but the quality of treatment that is an important point of consideration. In fact you are assured world class treatments with expertise at your peril.

What tilts the balance towards India?

The infrastructure costs are lower and this is reflected in the lower costs but
  1. ·         The hospitals in India could be compared to the best in the world
  2. ·         The doctors of India are famous all over the world for their experience and expertise

The lower costs of bone marrow does make it affordable for a major chunk of the population. For this reason, a trend is being observed that more and more people are travelling to India to perform this surgery. You are entitled to the best medical care in the world at a fraction of a cost.

Who needs a bone marrow replacement?

When the cancer is at an advanced or has occurred over in due course of time, this surgery is sought out. It is a complex form of surgery and in certain categories of leukaemia it is considered to be the main form of treatment.

During the course of the treatment high doses of chemotherapy are advocated, that otherwise is a remote possibility. The bone marrow of the patient itself could be used, or you can use the bone marrow of a donor provided that does match with that of the patient.

The hospitals in this part of the world provide this form of surgery at substantial prices when you compare to the advanced super powers. This is done with a reasonable degree of success, and no wonders to the fact that more and more people are looking up to India for this surgery.

How to proceed to India?

It is indeed a straight forward process and a lot of medical tourism companies have made their way into the market. You just need to contact them and they will get everything for you. You can combine trip with a tourism venture as India is anexotic location with numerous tourist attractions on offer. This will help you to recover in the best possible manner after this intensive surgery.

12 steps to professional car interior treatment

Keeping the car interior clean is a matter of pride and rather important because prolonged dust and chemical settlement may eat away surface of vehicle’s interior body.
No need to fret as you can effectively clean the car from products generally found in your home. So here’s how to clean your car interior, the professional way!

Start with interior

You can call it a norm; professionals usually begin with interior cleaning. The most effective thing to do is vacuuming the seats first, remove the floor mats and wash them before moving on with in-car carpet (if any).

The next step is dusting the dashboard followed by treating rear window shelf and other surfaces. Tight corners such as A/C vents and around the dashboard knobs are cleaned best with cotton swabs or a toothbrush.

Cameras, in-car screen and touch system control (if any) can be treated with aerosol cans that can force the dust to fly away from micro apertures. The same products can be used to clean car upholstery as well as carpeting however, remember the following points;

1. Avoid overusing water or it’ll seep deeper into the padding mechanism under fabric as well as rust the upholstery buttons.

2. Wherever possible, work with damp rags instead of sponges or microfiber cloth is another neat option.

3. If things are already too wet, a portable hair dryer can effectively dry the padding and vaporise the water from around the seams and buttons.

4. Park the vehicle in different directions so that sunlight doesn’t shine over the same surface over and over again. This’ll keep the upholstery from deterioration and fading.

5. If climate is dry, allow some air to pass through window or sunroof to prevent heat build-up or it may crack the vinyl seat covers and dissolve fabric adhesives.

6. Dashboards, interior mouldings, steering wheels, vinyl seats and other plastic surfaces usually respond well to soapy solution. For best results, buy special vinyl-cleaning products.

7. Plastic and vinyl surfaces inside the automobile must be protected with materials especially designed for the purpose.

8. Spray silicone lubricant on the dashboard, weather stripping, rubber floor mats or vinyl to prevent cracking from coarse climate.

9. Avoid petroleum or oil-based products on vinyl surface as they can damage it for good.

Care for leather seats

Leather seats for cars are expensive and require extra care. With time, leather also dry out and age much like human skin so you need keeping it cleaned and moisturised. Here’s how to do it the right way;

1. Premium-quality product like saddle soap is best to clean leather and preserve the quality. You can easily find one wherever car cleaning products are sold.

2. If you’re parking the vehicle directly under sunlight, lean the seats forward or cover them with something.

3. Install window tints that can block UV rays but keep fraction of car window open; allowing heat to release from cabin.


The above details pretty much answers the question as to how to clean your car interior without overspending.

How to Keep Yourself Healthy

Do you know the importance of keeping yourself healthy? A healthy you result in a happy you plus you can minimize your risk of various diseases and illness if you just keep yourself healthy. So, what measures are you taking to ensure you are always in tip top condition? There are a lot of things that you can do to increase your health benefits. According to an article in India Times, some of the things you should consider doing in order to keep yourself healthy include: treating yourself once in a while, being and staying more positive, never taking for granted those around you, appreciating what you have even if it is little, getting in touch with your inner calm, smiling more, learning to de-stress through mediation, avoiding things that can do your body harm, staying out of negative situations and keeping your body in shape. Keeping yourself healthy and fit does not have to be hard or boring. For example, exercise and watching what you eat are just as important to your health and well-being as any other healthy approach that you may take on.

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How to Book a Children Entertainer in Your Budget

A children party is incomplete without hiring a children entertainer. Arranging the children party is a very amusing and very interesting experience. You need to involve all your creative talents to make your party more unique that will obviously remain etched to the memories of the family members and guests lifelong. A successful birthday party is a result of a long and proper planning, which starts minimum 10 weeks before the D-day. To arrange a flawless party you need to hire reputed children entertainer first. They will help you in every aspect and they look after every minute detail of your party that it is fun filled and exciting for the children. You need to hire the entertainer also some days before of the party because if the person is reputed and well-known, there must be some other people, who are eager to book them for their parties too. 

How to cut down the expenses to hire the entertainer

To plan a flawless birthday party, the first thing you need to consider is your budget. It is really possible to arrange all the fun and entertainment within a certain budget if you know the right ways. There is a myth is hiring an entertainer for the parties is always expensive and this is the reason that many parents try to entertain the children by themselves in the party and mess up everything.

Book from the event management   company

Instead of hiring the entertainer individually, it is better to hire them from the event management company that you have hired to arrange your parties. It will surely help you to keep the budget in your control because when you are hiring them from the party planning companies then you will get the charges including to the package. If you hire them individually they will charge more certainly.

Compare the charges

While you are hiring the children entertainers search on the net to get the best one and with the process, you will get a clear idea about their charges too. But before finalizing the deal, compare the charges with the help of internet. Read more reviews about the entertainers on the net to know how good they are and then compare the price matter. Hire the entertainer whom you find efficient, exciting and also reasonable to have for the children parties.

Hourly charges

There are many entertainers who charge according to the time they spend in the parties. If you want to have them in a certain budget then hire them according to their hourly fees and by this way, you can easily cut down your expenses because sometimes you don’t really need to hire them for the entire evening, one or two hours is enough.

Share the responsibilities

Share the responsibilities of the entertainer to save your money. That means you can execute some easier tasks like arranging the games for the children, executing the games, arranging the return gifts etc and hire the entertainer only for a magic show, dance show or puppet show.

Key sale trends for high-performance tyres

In 2013, glow sales for high-performance tyres were estimated around 200 million units with approximately 14 percent share of the tyre market in favour of passenger car and light good vehicles.

Industry experts predicted that by 2020, the statistics are to escalate reaching about 315 million units or 17 percent. From revenue point of view, the market’s to grow from $25 billion to $40 billion approximately by 2020.

High-performance passenger car tyre such as Korean tyres in Dubai is surely a star performer and this particular segment along with the brand has just what it takes to oust every other competitor. It has just the potential of being a source of market growth and profitability in terms of tyre dealers and manufacturers, materials supplier and car companies.

For many years, high-performance tyres were purchased only by car enthusiasts for better vehicle handling and improved speed attributes. Today’s market comes with a change as consumers consider many different aspects such as aesthetics and overall image of the vehicle when new tyres are mounted. To meet the demands, Korean tyres in Dubai offer a broader range of features and many other benefits such as reduced noise generation, riding comfort and improved fuel efficiency.

Significant population growth in emerging economies of Asia Pacific, India and Africa, the trend of vehicle ownership is bound to rise which as a result would turn the tide of tyre industry in terms of growth. Of the three, Asia Pacific is foresighted as fastest growing tyre market whereas increasing car ownership would be driven by financial well-being and demographic factors.

Greater prosperity within the middle class of the emerging economies would lead to a significant increase in purchasing of the vehicle. The new genre of middle class in these region have a growing demand for premium vehicles including sport utility vehicles, sports cars and luxury vehicles that are fitted with high performance tyres only

Original equipment
The high performance tyre sector has become extremely popular with original equipment manufacturers and consumers in replacement tyre market. Many tyre manufacturers as a result are targeting the original equipment sector for growth, research and development spending. The low-profile wheels designed to achieve higher speeds account for more than 50-percent of the global original equipment tyre market.

Auto manufacturers began using high-performance tyres primarily as factory equipment on luxury cars. Their popularity increased over the years especially among drivers of premium sports vehicles as well as the crossover utility cars. In order to perform to their maximum, these vehicles are fitted with only original equipment including the best wheels such as Korean Tyres in Dubai to skim perfectly on different terrains.

Tyre labelling
Tyre labelling introduced mandatory minimum standards for many different properties especially concerning fuel efficiency. Labelling nowadays is highly considered by many and continues being among the most important legislative initiatives in today’s world since the details provide consumers awareness on fuel efficiency and many other properties of tyres to help them take more informed decisions.

Listed above are a few key trends driving the sales for high-performance tyres such as Korean tyres in Dubai!

How To Save Your Money and Time with Online Truck buy

Moving can be a pain, but when you book a truck in online booking app, it can ease the financial burden. It's no secret that moving costs quite a bit, so you need to save money wherever you can. Finding the best truck hiring app can really help. That's why a good online truck booking app is a great find.
Some people prefer these booking services and One of the best things about truck hiring app is that they are a solid company, and when you realize how easy it is to get a truck, either a this on one way, or if you are going a short distance so you can bring it back where you got it, then you always know you will be covered.

Of course, online truck booking services also provide an excellent product at an affordable price. It is our experience, due to many factors, that in many cases,they are just as good, if not better, that truck hiring services. Whichever online truck booking app service you choose, whether it be truck hiring services, you can be sure to get exactly what you are looking for.

If this is your first time moving, then you'll need to take a couple precautions into mind. One is to make sure this vehical you get is big enough. Nothing is worse than going to the truck rental place, coming back, and finding that it's not big enough. You then have two options. You can take your this back, and exchange it, or simply make a couple of trips.

Having moved quite often in the past, making a couple of trips is simply not an option for most people. So we've learned from experience that getting a sufficiently large truck is essential for your moving needs. These trailers offer much value over the cheaper bumper trailers as you can mount them directly on axle of your pickup.

If you are looking for high-end gooseneck trailers at reasonable prices, Millennium Trailer are there to your rescue. They have trailers for all your needs and application. All of the trailers are specifically designed using heavy-duty material to ensure unmatched performance and reliability. You can also get your own custom trailer designed here get high quality center consoles..

Trailers are an extension of your car. If you want your vehicle to be hauled safely to another city or place, trailer is a must! Nowadays, you can find one with the advanced safety features.

Another thing to keep in mind when getting your online truck booking app is driving safety. Sure, everybody knows about this, but when you're moving, you've got plenty of things on your mind, so there's a danger of forgetting certain basic safety standards. Resist this urge, take your time, and you'll find that moving will be a walk in the park.

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Need For Aptitude Tests

Since long human resource managers are using aptitude tests to screen out the potential job applicants from the sea of applicants for a job. As the number of graduates in technology is growing in our country the number of jobs available for them is no more enough. Thus, for every vacancy, there is a huge crowd of job applicants. In such situations, aptitude tests rescue HR managers by screening out the deserving candidates from the desiring pool of applicants.

About Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests or ability tests are basically a list of multiple choice questions that assess an individual’s logical reasoning and they are strictly timed as well. They are an integral part of almost all organizations in all different sectors. Banking to government jobs, corporates to even B-schools admit screen candidates on their aptitude skills.

These tests can be customized or designed as per the requirement, their standard, their types all can be adjusted according to the job it has to be used for. For example, a software engineer aptitude test would be of a higher standard, more technical, quantitative reasoning would be tested more than relational reasoning. These tests are of various types. They or their combination can be used according to the requirement.

Types Of Aptitude Tests
  • Skills Tests: Task related tests which are used to tests job oriented skills.
  • Knowledge Tests: Tests to check a candidate’s knowledge level about a specific area of the job.
  • Ability Tests: Tests used to measure the mental ability of a candidate.
  • Personality Tests: Tests used to understand the personality of a person.
Benefits of Aptitude Tests
  • Time: They save time spent in the selection process as they easily screen out a huge pool that is not fit as per company standards. HR managers do not need to spend their time in interviewing those candidates who weren’t fit for the job profile.
  • Cost: They cut costs from the selection process as the labour hours need to be dedicated to recruitment reduces the amount spent on recruitment process reduces.
  • Turnover: As better employees are hired according to company standards and employee are aware of it, employee turnover reduces.
  • Standardisation: By strict aptitude tests and a higher grading and evaluation method and standard eligibility criteria, the organization standards are maintained and only employees of specific calibre enter the firm.
  • Training Need: These tests are not necessarily just a part of recruitment and selection process, they are/can also use for assessing training needs of employees already working with/in the organization.

  • Convenience for The Candidate: These tests also clarify or project the requirements of the company from its employee thus even candidates before applying know what is expected from them.
  • Easy To Administer: These tests are easy to grade and can be easily monitored as they are computer based tests.

Aptitude tests are computer based nowadays and basically, online mode is used for these tests. They are specifically designed for job profiles as per company requirements and standards. Also as per the job requirements or job profile, they are customized and different aspects in tests are added or removed. Such as an online test for software developer would have more skill and knowledge related questions than personality based. While a customer relationship personnel would have more of personality and ability oriented questions.

Thus, aptitude tests are an integral part of organizations recruitment and selection process and also other assessment requirements because of their time and cost effectiveness, accuracy and many such other benefits.

Start planning to celebrate the season of festivals

Autumn has arrived and to us, it is a season of festivals. People are gearing up for all the fun and celebrations in the coming months and the major thing that is included is the shopping. Without this, any festival is incomplete.

For Dandiya in Mumbai, you can do all your shopping from the fairs and exhibitions that are to be organised here in these months. Go ahead and shop till you drop.

Autumn Bash 2017: This is going to happen on 16th September and the event is organised by the Zoom Starters Club. The location of this event is at Bandra in Mumbai and this Autumn Bash is basically a gathering of more than 200 entrepreneurs which also includes the investors, fresh start ups and stake holders. They celebrate the season of autumn and ushers in the cash register for the economy because in this season a lot of festivals are piled up like Navaratri, Eid and Diwali. This is a whole day program where there will be an agenda, opening key note and many other speeches from the successful entrepreneurs around. There will also be a lot of panel discussions along with a networking lunch.

Shaadi Sakhi Exhibitions : This is scheduled to happen on 19th September at the Tip Top Plaza which is located in the central suburbs of Mumbai. It is said that if you are ready to shop for Diwali and Navaratri, then this exhibition is the perfect place for you. Here one can find multiple products and dress materials designed by multiple designers and those all are available at affordable prices. One can also pick up some designer costume jewelleries and a lot of accessories from these fairs to pair up with their lovely dresses. For Diwali decorations, people also shop for Rangolis and scented candles from here. You have to visit Thane on this day if you are in Mumbai and pick up all the essentials you need during the coming festivals.

Style-O-City: This is a one day lifestyle cum fashion exhibition for women's wear.     This is going to happen on 18th September and the venue is Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya.  This is an exhibition which will start at 11 am and will end on 7 Pm. It is an exhibition exclusively for women’s wear. One can pick western wears, designer wears, Indo western wears along with designer handbags and jewelleries. If you are planning for Navaratri or Durga Puja shopping, this can be the right place for you.

RangiloRe - Celebrate Navratri: this is scheduled to happen on 21st of September     and the venue is at Nesco Centre of Mumbai. One has to pay an amount of Rs 250 to buy the tickets. This is a 9 day celebration and one can enjoy this in a very unique way. There will be a lot of folk artists who will perform on these days.

Have fun in the season of festival with loads of shopping and celebrations. You can be a stunner throughout the festivals.

What to see in Mesa Island and Other Islands Around the Komodo National Park

Mesa Island is one of the islands in Indonesia. The island is located in the eastern part of Indonesia. To reach this island, people can go to Labuan Bajo and then reach the island by boat. The location of this island is between Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island as the place of Komodo National Park. It means that visiting Mesa Island can be done together with visiting the exotic national park. This is great chance to see the great life of local people living in Mesa Island. What to see in Mesa Island is about the local people as the traditional fishing island. Of course, it is also great chance to see the komodo dragons in the nature directly. It will be great to spend holiday for several days because there will be many things to explore in this area. There will be a lot of pleasure and great experience to get by spending time in this area. 

In this case, actually there are several things to find in Mesa Island. Tourists do not need to worry about what to see in Mesa Island since the islands can provide them with good experience. The island is specially known as the home of fishing village. Of course, it is a traditional fishing and this is why the people are also called as the sea gypsies. Local people mostly work as fishermen. This can be good thing to explore and it is one of the great things about What to see in Mesa Island. Tourists can see how the sea gypsies live. Their culture is also special. As sea gypsies, they adapt with the nature by having special house construction. The house is built some feet above the water surface. Even, the house located in the center of the island also has the same construction. Tourists will feel comfortable while visiting this island since the local people are nice and they always show good hospitality.

Of course, What to see in Mesa Island is not the only thing to get. There are Rinca Island and Komodo Island that become the home of prehistoric lizard named Komodo dragon. They are called as dragon because of their gigantic size compared to common lizard. Then, their special predicate as the prehistoric lizard makes them worthy to be called as dragon. The animal has survived for long time. Because of that, seeing them in the wild life will be great experience. There are many good spots to explore and see them in their habitat. Even, when they are lucky, visitors can see how the dragons hunting. After enjoying the exploration to find the komodo dragons, tourists can spend their time to enjoy the beauty of beach. Rinca Island can be great place to see the beautiful beach. There are also other island with beautiful beach. Diving and snorkeling is also possible to do. The marine life is well kept, so there are many fishes and other sea animals. Diving and snorkeling will be so special in the area of the Komodo National Park. These all can give great holiday experiences.

Gothic 3 one of the best Games like Skyrim for Android Only User

Rather, Gothic 3 is an effort to successfully enhance on both the early dream template and its private formula. And if it did gain some fame on the continent, we would collect it handed lots of you. This moment, however, by focusing on expanding in its own market, number three targets its own terms: an interface which truly works, a contemporary lick of paint, along with a (albeit misfiring) try to revise its own fighting system; you can check Jio DTH Online Booking at Jio website.

Custom Writing Services: A Great Thing To Look Forward To

when it comes to hiring a professional writer the first thing that comes to the mind is that whether the professional writing the paper is worthy enough for you or not? Well, as far as the genuine services are concerned there is no doubt in it that they will be able to provide you with the best quality of work that you deserve.

Although there are several tricksters out there most of them are legit ones. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t fall into the trap of any dishonest professional. Rest everything is fine in hiring a professional to do your work. 

There is no doubt in it that writing a research paper is a daunting task. In order to complete such work in an efficient manner, a student needs to have great research as well as writing skills or else it can be catastrophic in terms of grades. 

Every professor wants their student to write a high-quality paper but unfortunately, not everyone is considered to be best in academics. Hence, if you are facing problems with your papers and are looking forward to buying research papers for sale then you should definitely go for it. 

It will relieve you from all the stress and pressure that you are going through right now. The best part about hiring custom writing services is that there will always be a skilled professional to write it down for you.

In order to buy research papers for sale, the first thing you will need to do is search for custom writing services online. Once you come across several services the next thing you would need to do is do some research work on their work. 

Simply go to the reviews and the work that they provide to the students. Once you are satisfied with their work then you can get in touch with them and fulfill all your requirements. The genuine professional usually offers custom writing services at affordable rates, unlike the dishonest ones.

There is no doubt in it that lots of students from around the world are making use of such methods to complete their work. Thus, if you too have decided to buy research papers for sale then there is no harm in it rather you will find it beneficial for you.
The most important aspect of hiring custom writing services is that you will not only get a high-quality paper but you will also get everything completed in time. Once you hire such services you will never have to worry about the deadlines anymore. 

Make sure that you do not make the same mistake as your friends. If you are unable to write research paper all by yourself then you positively get in touch with the professional. Do not just simply submit an incomplete work. This will definitely create an impact on your grades.

Top 5 places to visit in Mussoorie

Are you looking for a great cultural and heritage experience on a vacation? You need to look no further than India itself. With over 5000 years of history to unfold, it has amazing secrets and beautiful experiences to be explored. A small vacation may not even be enough to enjoy the true beauty of India. As soon you say India, people start to think of the beaches of goa or the hills of Kashmir or the desert of Gujarat. But this is not all there is to the beautiful country of India. There are many little hill stations that are absolutely breath taking and can be a joy to visit if you visit in the right seasons. 

One such hidden gem of a place is called as Mussoorie. It is a hill station that is small in size and is nearby to Dehradun, which is big city of India. People from all over the country as well as the world come over to this place in huge numbers to experience the sights and sounds of nature. 

Before Going to Mussoorie

Would like to arrive at a brand-new place and find that there are no hotel rooms left in any of the hotels, let alone the good ones? That would be a disaster, right? Well, to avoid such a scenario, you can make sure to book a hotel before coming over to this place. You can perform hotel booking in Mussoorie India, even before coming here. There are a good number of choices for hotels here.

Best Places to Visit

There are plenty of good places to visit in this little hill station of a town. You need not travel too far to find good places. These are –

Kempty Falls

This is a waterfall that is located at a great height of around 2000 metres above the sea level. So, you can expect the temperature and the water to be mighty cool here. When you have such a high-altitude waterfall, you might think that the waters are not going to be much. But, during the rainy seasons, there is a lot of water here. Even in other seasons, you can still see a good amount of water in these places. You can even swim here.

Bhatta Falls

A similar waterfall to Kempty, it is a little more remote but equally beautiful, if not even more so than Kempty falls. This place also gives you good swim options. 

Company Bagh

A great garden full of flowers and plants that are of rare variety and indigenous to this area. You are even allowed to have picnics here.

Camel’s Back Road

This is a good trek for beginners as it is not every challenging. Along the way you get to see a lot of good sights.

Gun Hill

A lookout point on a hill in Mussoorie which you can access through a trek or through a nice long car ride through the hills. You can find reasonable hotels in Mussoorie here. 

Now that you know the places here, go out and enjoy!