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Before we go into the gritty world new application vs. native mobile app, there is one aspect of mobile we should aware of it. The mobile phone is one of the essential things in the modern world. If we lost our mobile phone our biggest priority at that time is to find the phone or get a replacement and remainingall other priorities go out the door.
Every minute of the day we are with our mobile phone because it should respond us quickly to our queries and give us the best answers we need as soon as possible. These are the expectations of all smart phone users even mine too.
The current mobile ecosystem has changed since, in the time of smart phone, touch enables devices. The device has changed the way in which users perform tasks that were usually done through a tablet or a Laptop. Now everything is available in online such as booking tickets, shopping and browsing through online is now done with mobile.
Difference between mobile app and website

Before we can calculate the benefits of mobile app versus mobile website, it is important to know the difference of the both application and website.Both are accessed on a handheld device such as mobilephones and tablets.
A mobile website is similar to web browser based HTML page linked together to access over the internet. This is the main characteristics which give the difference between the mobile and website.
Increasingly, the design of the website is becoming the new standard for the website and therefore it is mobile friendly, but that can scope to any sized device from desktop to tablet and any handheld smartphones.
Likewise, any website, mobile websites or sensitive sites can display text content, data, pictures and video. They can also access mobilespecific features such as to dial a phone numberor area based mapping.
Now it’s the time to know about the application. The app is actually an application which is downloaded from the play store or the app store on our mobile phone device, rather than being performed within a browser.
This application may pull the content and the data from the website like the fashion to the website or it may download the content from the website. So it can be accessed without the internet connection.
Benefit of mobile app vs. website
If our aims are related to marketing or public communications because the mobile website is almost always going to make a sense as a practical front step in our mobile outreach strategy.
This is because the mobile website having more advantages than the mobile application,including broader accessibility, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.
Websites are instantly available
A mobile website is instantly available rather than the phone application because in the case of the application first we have to download and we have to installfrom an app marketplace before the content or the app can be viewed so a symbolic barrier between first engagement and action or conversion. So for surfacing the internet website is the best ways for us.
The mobile website can reach the different user across much different type of mobile devices, whereas mobile applications require a separate version to be developed for each type of device like iPhone, android, blackberry and so on. Moreover, the website URLs is easily integrated on the mobile device when comparing to the mobile application. Websites do not need the external space but the apps need it.
Findability is much easieron the website for the users because their pages can be shownin search results and listed in directories andmake it easy for qualified visitors to find the site. The important thing is regular website is automatically sentto our phone, but the visibility of apps ishighly restricted to manufacturer app stores.
Cana website be an application?
Just like the standard website, mobile websites can be developed as per the database-driven web applications that act very much like native mobile applications. Therefore the mobile application is quietly different from the mobile website.
Advantages of applications
In spite of the basic advantage of the mobile web, the application still has the marketplace. There are many apps are available in the mobile world. When comparing to the website the application is best. For example, if we are like to play a game mean application is always going to give us the better choice than the mobile website.
Most of the apps are working on offline so there is no need to stay in online. But in the case of the website it is impossible. If our target is going to be using our applicationin a personalized fashion on a normal basis, then an application provides a great way to do that.
Sometimes we are struggling with monthly calculation and the apps help to allow us to manipulate it with complex calculations, charts or reports like banking or investment andthe app will help us do that very efficiently.
Response from the user
When it comes to deciding people’s feedback is one of the important things. From the analysis result, nearly one-third of people are using both the mobile website and a native application. While only 20.1 percent of people are using the mobile browser and 24.2 percent of people are using the mobile apps for their purpose. Therefore the remaining 23.6 percent of people are not using any kind of browser and apps.
The growing portion of the mobile application is mostly spent on Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, snap chat and Instagram and on smartphones will rise slightly in this year for 21 minutes per day. When comparing to the mobile website, the mobile application is easy to use.
App or a website - which is best?
Before deciding whether an application or a website it depends on our end goal. If we are going to build a gaming application, it is better to go application. But if our aim is to give best mobile-friendly content to the wider consumer then a mobile website is good.
In some cases, we are deciding to make both the website and an app. It is pretty safe and to say that it hardly makes sense to build an application without already having a mobile website in a place. So when comparing to cost it is better to go with the application.
In conclusion
As the smart phone userscontinueto grow,but the question “website vs. app” will remain the same. If our goal is to make good content and to establish a broad mobile presence that can be easily maintained and can be shared between the consumersand toestablish on the search engines, then the mobile-friendly sensitive web page is the logical one.
On the other hand, if our aim is to develop a game application to the user or a computer program. Otherwise, if we need to access the user’s phone storage or mobile application, then the app is probably going to require.
The important thing to remember is that a mobile website and a native application are not necessarily together exclusive. Large numbers of the organization have the both app and sites. So it’s our duty about choosing the right tool for ourneed.
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