What are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are a group of powerful compounds, which closely related to testosterone, the male sex hormone. Current legitimate medical uses it for the treatment of certain types of anemia. By using this drug illegally, Long distance runners, Body builders, cyclists and many other athletes who claim that steroids give them a competitive advantage and improve their physical appearance. Steroids are available in tablet or liquid. There are a number of steroids used for body building out there today. Nolvadex and Clomid are two of the leading ones and there are many discussions about what is the best drug. They are not so different and in fact share many of the same properties. Cycling is the recruitment of multiple doses of steroids for a period of time, stop for a moment, and start again. Users often combine various types of steroids to maximize their effectiveness and minimize adverse effects, a process known as superposition. Anabolic steroids take by athletes and other abusers weekly or monthly, including an oral cycle, these are taken injected or orally.

By the male hormone androgen, especially testosterone, Steroids are manufactured. Steroids are developed to simulate the effects of testosterone bodybuilding. While females produce in small amounts (females have testosterone naturally in the body), a normal man produces about 10 milligrams of testosterone per day. Now if you are engaged in intense physical activity like most athletes tend to use at least ten times as much testosterone. Thus, some athletes tend to use steroids to increase their bodybuilding activity levels of hormone ideal.

To treat several medical conditions, steroids are developed as therapeutic drugs. This is why the compounds are classified as prohibited in many countries like the United States. You must have a valid prescription to legally obtain one, in United State. However, with the new trend is no doubt that the non-medical use of these substances has legitimate medical offset effects of steroids. Its abuse is also bad publicity for these drugs, including an oral cycle. The bad publicity about these drugs is that these drugs are it can produce adverse effects on consumers, such as physiological and behavioral. The effects of steroid abusers bodybuilding are very dependent on a number of factors such as age, type of steroid used and duration of use. 

In many cases, steroids have no lasting effect on the body. But Anabolic steroids have been popular with athletes seeking the peak of their personal physical performance for more than 50 years. Anabolic steroids build lean muscle mass and help athletes extend their training past the limited effects of diet and exercise. These are laboratory produced synthetic medications designed after naturally occurring male hormones like testosterone. In the 1960s, pharmaceutical companies started manufacturing these drugs. Today, steroids are widely used legally in medicine and have been incredibly effective at treating muscle wasting associated with AIDS, arthritis, cancer and many other debilitating diseases. By 1954; weightlifters and Olympians were using these medications and athletes were paying attention to the incredible effects of steroids.
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