Best Ways To Say Sorry To Someone

Have you hurt someone unknowingly? Do you feel that you have been rude to someone for some reason? Do you feel bad that you missed meeting someone at the last minute? Did you forget to wish someone on their birthday? Don’t stress yourself over these mistakes, it happens to each and every one of us. When a mistake happens in life, what is within our power is to apologize to the concerned persons. It is the character of a strong human being to be able to say sorry after accepting your mistake. Nothing to fret, all it takes is an honest apology and sometimes everything can go back to the way it was before.

In this article, we will learn some of the best ways to apologise or say sorry to someone once you have made a mistake.

Flowers Are A Good Way To Say Sorry

Flowers are not only used to say congratulations or condolences, but they are also used to say sorry when you are accepting a mistake that you have made.

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Since a few hundred years, flowers have been used as a medium to show that you are sorry about something and would like to apologise and take corrective measures. Even kings and queens were known to send vast number of flowers to neighbouring kingdoms as an apology when they had committed certain mistakes. This age old practice is in good standing even in today’s modern world full of technology.

Not all flowers are used for the same purpose. Some flowers like roses are used to portray love and affection towards someone, whereas flowers such as white lilies are used to portray a sign of condolence. So, when it comes to saying sorry, lily of the valley is the best kind of flower as the flower itself has a soothing and sensitive look to it. Therefore, we need to be careful when we select flowers for saying sorry.

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Take Them Out For Ice Cream

When you are feeling sorry about something and want to apologise, Ice Cream can be of fantastic help. When you have hurt someone through some mistake that you have committed, it can be corrected by taking them out for some good ice cream and talking about the mistake and taking corrective measures.

Gift Them Chocolates

Chocolates are not only used to surprise your loved ones on special days like valentine’s day and anniversaries, but they are also used to say sorry when you have hurt someone through some mistake. White chocolate often serves as a good variety of chocolate that can portray a sense of apology and respect.

Therefore, now you know the different ways through which you can say sorry to someone when you have hurt them in some way and hopefully it will appease them.
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