Start planning to celebrate the season of festivals

Autumn has arrived and to us, it is a season of festivals. People are gearing up for all the fun and celebrations in the coming months and the major thing that is included is the shopping. Without this, any festival is incomplete.

For Dandiya in Mumbai, you can do all your shopping from the fairs and exhibitions that are to be organised here in these months. Go ahead and shop till you drop.

Autumn Bash 2017: This is going to happen on 16th September and the event is organised by the Zoom Starters Club. The location of this event is at Bandra in Mumbai and this Autumn Bash is basically a gathering of more than 200 entrepreneurs which also includes the investors, fresh start ups and stake holders. They celebrate the season of autumn and ushers in the cash register for the economy because in this season a lot of festivals are piled up like Navaratri, Eid and Diwali. This is a whole day program where there will be an agenda, opening key note and many other speeches from the successful entrepreneurs around. There will also be a lot of panel discussions along with a networking lunch.

Shaadi Sakhi Exhibitions : This is scheduled to happen on 19th September at the Tip Top Plaza which is located in the central suburbs of Mumbai. It is said that if you are ready to shop for Diwali and Navaratri, then this exhibition is the perfect place for you. Here one can find multiple products and dress materials designed by multiple designers and those all are available at affordable prices. One can also pick up some designer costume jewelleries and a lot of accessories from these fairs to pair up with their lovely dresses. For Diwali decorations, people also shop for Rangolis and scented candles from here. You have to visit Thane on this day if you are in Mumbai and pick up all the essentials you need during the coming festivals.

Style-O-City: This is a one day lifestyle cum fashion exhibition for women's wear.     This is going to happen on 18th September and the venue is Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya.  This is an exhibition which will start at 11 am and will end on 7 Pm. It is an exhibition exclusively for women’s wear. One can pick western wears, designer wears, Indo western wears along with designer handbags and jewelleries. If you are planning for Navaratri or Durga Puja shopping, this can be the right place for you.

RangiloRe - Celebrate Navratri: this is scheduled to happen on 21st of September     and the venue is at Nesco Centre of Mumbai. One has to pay an amount of Rs 250 to buy the tickets. This is a 9 day celebration and one can enjoy this in a very unique way. There will be a lot of folk artists who will perform on these days.

Have fun in the season of festival with loads of shopping and celebrations. You can be a stunner throughout the festivals.

What to see in Mesa Island and Other Islands Around the Komodo National Park

Mesa Island is one of the islands in Indonesia. The island is located in the eastern part of Indonesia. To reach this island, people can go to Labuan Bajo and then reach the island by boat. The location of this island is between Labuan Bajo and Komodo Island as the place of Komodo National Park. It means that visiting Mesa Island can be done together with visiting the exotic national park. This is great chance to see the great life of local people living in Mesa Island. What to see in Mesa Island is about the local people as the traditional fishing island. Of course, it is also great chance to see the komodo dragons in the nature directly. It will be great to spend holiday for several days because there will be many things to explore in this area. There will be a lot of pleasure and great experience to get by spending time in this area. 

In this case, actually there are several things to find in Mesa Island. Tourists do not need to worry about what to see in Mesa Island since the islands can provide them with good experience. The island is specially known as the home of fishing village. Of course, it is a traditional fishing and this is why the people are also called as the sea gypsies. Local people mostly work as fishermen. This can be good thing to explore and it is one of the great things about What to see in Mesa Island. Tourists can see how the sea gypsies live. Their culture is also special. As sea gypsies, they adapt with the nature by having special house construction. The house is built some feet above the water surface. Even, the house located in the center of the island also has the same construction. Tourists will feel comfortable while visiting this island since the local people are nice and they always show good hospitality.

Of course, What to see in Mesa Island is not the only thing to get. There are Rinca Island and Komodo Island that become the home of prehistoric lizard named Komodo dragon. They are called as dragon because of their gigantic size compared to common lizard. Then, their special predicate as the prehistoric lizard makes them worthy to be called as dragon. The animal has survived for long time. Because of that, seeing them in the wild life will be great experience. There are many good spots to explore and see them in their habitat. Even, when they are lucky, visitors can see how the dragons hunting. After enjoying the exploration to find the komodo dragons, tourists can spend their time to enjoy the beauty of beach. Rinca Island can be great place to see the beautiful beach. There are also other island with beautiful beach. Diving and snorkeling is also possible to do. The marine life is well kept, so there are many fishes and other sea animals. Diving and snorkeling will be so special in the area of the Komodo National Park. These all can give great holiday experiences.

Gothic 3 one of the best Games like Skyrim for Android Only User

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