Bone marrow transplant at breath-taking prices

The costs of a bone marrow transplant indicates the complexity of the condition. In United States the operation is going to cost you $ 250,000, whereas in the UK it is around $ 150,000. But what might be surprising is that the same surgery cost could be cut down to $ 30,000. How is it going to happen? The answer to this question is going  to shock you. Now you might be wondering the best course of treatment at 90 % less of price. Yes the answer is right in front of you and it has got to do with the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India.

The hospitals for bone marrow transplant in India are following the same procedures with standard protocols. The success rate is similar to the advanced countries of Europe with substantial savings in terms of cost. It is not only about the cost, but the quality of treatment that is an important point of consideration. In fact you are assured world class treatments with expertise at your peril.

What tilts the balance towards India?

The infrastructure costs are lower and this is reflected in the lower costs but
  1. ·         The hospitals in India could be compared to the best in the world
  2. ·         The doctors of India are famous all over the world for their experience and expertise

The lower costs of bone marrow does make it affordable for a major chunk of the population. For this reason, a trend is being observed that more and more people are travelling to India to perform this surgery. You are entitled to the best medical care in the world at a fraction of a cost.

Who needs a bone marrow replacement?

When the cancer is at an advanced or has occurred over in due course of time, this surgery is sought out. It is a complex form of surgery and in certain categories of leukaemia it is considered to be the main form of treatment.

During the course of the treatment high doses of chemotherapy are advocated, that otherwise is a remote possibility. The bone marrow of the patient itself could be used, or you can use the bone marrow of a donor provided that does match with that of the patient.

The hospitals in this part of the world provide this form of surgery at substantial prices when you compare to the advanced super powers. This is done with a reasonable degree of success, and no wonders to the fact that more and more people are looking up to India for this surgery.

How to proceed to India?

It is indeed a straight forward process and a lot of medical tourism companies have made their way into the market. You just need to contact them and they will get everything for you. You can combine trip with a tourism venture as India is anexotic location with numerous tourist attractions on offer. This will help you to recover in the best possible manner after this intensive surgery.
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