4 Reasons to Why Your Car Shudders

Does your car continuously quiver and shakes on the road? If it does, it's time for you to worry because that's not normal. In fact, it's really not safe to drive a car that shudders so much while driving. Experts have notified that this kind of sudden occurrence is the sign that your vehicle is not safe to drive. But have you ever thought why shuddering occurs? Well honestly, there is no exact answer to that since there are so many things going on in a car.

There are actually many reasons behind the shuddering car. Therefore, you need to get your car checked for whether it's road worthy or not. So let's dig in and understand some most common reasons behind why your car shudders so much;

Wheel Alignment

When your car shudders so much, the very first that that comes to your mind is, "there may be something wrong with my wheel alignment." Frankly, the wheel alignment is considered to be the main culprit in that case. As per the car-savvy experts, the car is most likely to shudder if the wheels are out of alignment. In that case, you need to get your wheels aligned so that they are perpendicular to the ground alongside being equidistant to each other. If you really want to maximize the tire life, it's essential to your car wheels aligned.

Worn Shock Absorbers

First of all, let's understand what shock absorbers do usually. These are usually purposed for 3 things;
  • They control the movement of the spring
  • They control the movement of the suspension
  • Most importantly, shock absorbers keep the car tires in contact with the ground all the time.

Shock absorbers are mainly supposed to absorb energy so that they can act as a cushion for the car on an uneven ground. But if the shock absorbers are not well, or worn, they can directly impact the car tyre online. In fact, they can actually cause an uneven tire wear. Consequently, the uneven tire wear will lead the car to shudder.

Worn Motor Mount

Motor mount or engine mount is actually made of rubber and steel. It it's there for two reasons; it actually secures your car engines. It also absorbs the shock as well as engine vibrations so that the driver doesn't feel any engine movement. Moreover, these mounts also secure the transmission. Since the motor mount are really got at holding up the structure of the engine alongside cutting down the noise and vibration in your car, the vehicles can move easily and smoothly at high speeds.

Brake Calipers

These are mainly the part of disc brake system. When we press the brakes, the fluid flows from the master cylinder to the calipers. Simply then, the brake fluid applies pressure upon the piston inside the caliper, which further pushes the brake pads against the rotor in order to either slow or stop the car. But when the brake caliper sticks on, your car starts to shudder. In fact, most people often experience vibration on the steering wheel when this happens. It happens especially at the speeds from 45-50 mph. The faster you go the worst it gets. Therefore, make sure to get it fixed before things turn horrible. To get discounts, shop for car tyre Dubai.


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