Understanding more about pregnancy kicks

The feeling of the first kick of a baby is an amazing experience and it is pretty hard to describe it in words. In the second trimester of pregnancy between the weeks 16 to 22 it is normally felt. The initial round of kicking could start from as early as 7 to 8 weeks. Towards the latter stage of pregnancy with the help of a kick counter wristband you can figure out when it is the right time in heading to a hospital. If you are a first time mother the kicks could take around 25 weeks to be felt, but experienced mothers could feel it as early as 13 weeks.

In medical terminology it goes by the name of quickening and easily figured out by the second time mothers. The reason of it is that first time mothers confuse it with gas and cannot really understand the difference between the two. The physical stature of the mother is also important in figuring out the kicks of the baby. Thin women are more likely to perceive the movements than the overweight ones.

What does the first kick of a baby feel like?
A lot of you may be surprised on how the first kick feels like. The feelings are strange to describe as some mothers describe it as fish swimming in water, butterflies fluttering and the list is endless. The difference between gas and a real kick could only be distinguished once you reach the second trimester of pregnancy. In fact a pregnancy kick counter bracelet would help to figure out things. Do not compare it with other women as each baby is different and so too their kicks.

The frequency of kicks being felt inside the womb?

In the starting phase the kicks is going to be far and few, but as time progresses they are going to increase in intensity and frequency. Since the baby happens to be small, their movements are not going to have any impact on you. You are not likely to feel it on a constant basis, though the baby is going to enjoy their space in the uterus.

Each and every baby is different and the pattern of movement is going to differ significantly as well. Some of the babies are known to move a bit les when you compare it to others. Be careful of the movement a baby is going to make and as long as the baby is moving frequently there is nothing to worry.

The reasons for the baby kicking in the womb

Once you have had a meal or snacked something then babies tends to be more active. In a way a calm body is needed for a baby to kick. The first few kicks will crave you for more, but at a later stage you would want the baby to slow down considerably.

Once the pregnancy progresses, the jolts are going to make you a lot uncomfortable. If you feel that the baby is making 10 kicks in an hour, then head to the hospital.
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