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Employment has been an issue for ages, there are several reasons for employment and major one being the illiteracy and the competition in the world. Getting a job has been a major task that in many cases a person is forced to stick to the job in which he or she is not even happy, he tends to that job because of the fear of unemployment. Unemployment has led to much diversity. It has taken away so many lives and every year major amount dies to scarcity. People are unable to make their both ends meet because of this unemployment. The race of acquiring jobs is increasing every day and around the globe, there is no man who is not in any kind of competition.

What do you think should be the reason for unemployment?

The causes can be categorized into two-

       Cyclic unemployment- which is caused due to recession in economy
       The natural rate of unemployment- this is caused due factors in the markets of labour, such as government regulations regarding starting and hiring business.
       Frictional unemployment- when employees themselves leave the job to find better jobs.
       Structural unemployment – this kind of come up when the salary of the worker does not meet the skills of the labour.
Frictional causes and structural causes can occur in a healthy economy.

What is labour law?
Employment law or labour law, both means the same. It revolves the relationship between employment entities and workers government and the trade unions. Collectively, labour law relates to the tripartite relationship between employer and union, employee. Individually, labour law concerns to employs rights through contract at work. Government agencies such employment standards administration, former US enforces on labour law which can be judicial, legislative or regulatory.

What about the lawyers?

A lawyer being the person practising law as an advocate, attorney, barrister, counsellor who works as a lawyer involves theoretical lawful theories and practical application to solve the problem of every specific individual’s problem or the ones who appoint an attorney to solve their legal issues in their field.

Under the advocate act 1961, the term lawyer is often used as an advocate, the official term given to the lawyer in India.

 How has Pune been a boon?

Pune being the city of employment i.e. it has given jobs to several people and many people tend to shift theirs just for the sake of their job. Pune tends to have the best employment lawyers who work for any particular individual to fulfil the demands and to fight for the issues related to unemployment. Best employment lawyers in Pune come from the best universities from Pune. They work for the wellbeing of the person and is always solves a person’s issues dealing with unemployment. He takes all the information’s from the person and gives ways for employment. Unemployment is an issue should be solved on a large scale not just by the lawyers but by the government too. The government should look into this matter seriously.
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