The Need for Aptitude Testing

Aptitude tests have their roots in psychometric tests that have been in this world for a long time. Recruiters employ these tests to comprehend the cognitive abilities and behavioural traits that are present in the applicants that apply for the job opportunity. In today’s competition-stricken world, companies need to procure the best of a lot of fresh graduates considering the amount of investment that goes in training them. The availability of products and services that help employers conduct aptitude tests have increased. These include online aptitude tests, which are available on many web portals.

Explanation of aptitude tests-
  • Every person finds himself at a crossroads many times. The decision-making point is usually experienced while choosing a vocation. Many people become discontent with their jobs or unsure when they graduate from university. When recruiters cannot discern the goals of an applicant, they pull them out of the recruitment process which can prove to be detrimental to the candidate. Aptitude tests give a clear knowledge of the capabilities of a candidate to a recruiter and an applicant and make the entire selection process simpler.
  • The tests include questionnaires regarding the interests of the candidate and their reactions in various situations. They are carefully designed as yes or no answers or answers that require a rating on a scale. These answers are analyzed by recruiters to gain an insight into the true personality of an individual. It is advised to give the most truthful answers to these questions because being deceptive and masking the true personality does no good in the future.
Need for aptitude testing-
  • The three divisions of psychometric tests include ability personality, and interests. Aptitude tests are ideally introduced early in the recruitment process to separate the wheat from the chaff. In most jobs, the right type of personality and skill is required, which is easily determined using aptitude tests.
  • Almost 95% of companies which are a part of FTSE 100 use psychometric or aptitude tests for their recruitment process. Recruiters from the civil services, airlines, and police make the most use of aptitude tests, which promotes aptitude tests.
  • Aptitude tests are gradually becoming famous. They are usually used by larger companies with more employees. Reports show that 63.2% of companies with more than 100 employees use these tests for evaluation of eligible candidates. Companies with less than 10 employees have still not accustomed to the change in dynamics as only one-third of small companies make use of aptitude tests for recruitment of applicants.
  • The final goal of any company is an unhindered success. This is achieved by selecting the most suitable employee that has sincerity, dedication, passion, and drive to enhance the company’s vision and bring it forward by all means possible. Aptitude tests make it easier to segregate such a person with the potential to become such an employee.
  • Aptitude tests can have many forms such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and inductive reasoning tests to find the correct candidate. A lot of stress of the recruiters and candidates is eliminated with the use of online aptitude tests and psychometric tests.
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