What is comprehensive ranking system?

Many people like traveling to different places, be it for the sake of tourism or for work. It happens quite often among everyone, the eagerness to see a place and know everything about it is not something that can be quenched easily. And if someone were to go grown fond of a place so much that they decide that they want to settle down there forever after. For such a thing to happen, one must follow the immigration laws and rules set by the country they want to move into. It is a lengthy process and certain countries are very strict on their rules.


One of the few countries which allow the immigrants to stay with them based on the comprehensive ranking system or the CRS is Canada. It is a type of system in which it allows immigrants to stay in the country based on their CRS score. Based on this score they can stay in the country or they will be asked to leave. There are two types of CRS one accompanied by a spouse and one without a spouse. And under each type, a certain set of points are there, only when the desired set of points are achieved by the person are they allowed to immigrate to the country. The points are achieved if certain rules are fulfilled.

Express entry system

Under the CRS a particular system called the express entry comprehensive ranking system    exists. This is for the express entry of the individuals if certain more conditions are followed.     Four main factors are involved in which the person is granted more points for eligibility into the     country. These factors can ensure the person's stay in the company for a long time. This is quite     efficient as it will filter out the people who worthy of staying in another country as per the         regulation. The higher the rank of the person is, the higher are the chances for them getting a     permanent residency in the country.

The need for such a system

This kind of system exists for a major reason that is to filter out people who are suitable for    staying in the country. As many people wish to go settle in another country and leave their     home country, CRS is there to help the ones suitable for the country to get in. A vast majority     of people apply every year and it is hard to choose who can enter the country and who cannot.     CRS helps in narrowing down the field of candidates who can enter and stay in the country     from those who cannot enter.

This system may seem foreign to many people, but it is quite effective and brilliant. Canada employs such a system to maintain the safety and security of their country. All the immigrants to the country will be ones who are capable of being on their own and can ensure their own survival through their education skills and survival skills. This kind of system must be employed in every country for efficiency.
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