10 Most Fabulous Places in Asia to Have Your Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding essays exoticness when gets mentioned. Though a little different, it has the same requirements like any other wedding. But what’s the catch? That relies solely on the type of destination you choose to celebrate your wedding. Be it a beach, some old furnished castleor any such location that pumps up the excitement in your ceremony.

But in a nutshell, a destination wedding somehow is organised for a small and intimate ceremony outside your hometown. If you are in the league of finding some of the best wedding destination around, then have a look at some of these gorgeous places of the Asia where your wedding could be orchestrated splendidly.

1.      Thailand:Phuket in Thailand houses some of the most beautiful beaches that makes it the best place for destination wedding. The aquamarine backdrop, calm weather and the distinct rugged mountain offers you the best place to say ‘I do’. With some of the luxury hotels and spas around the area, you have the perfect excuse to have an extended honeymoon

as well. So, brace yourself for an exotic experience if you have finally decided over Thailand as your wedding venue.

2.      Indonesia: More of a honeymoon destination, Bali in Indonesia offers you some of the striking beaches, fairy tale islands, lush green fields that all sum up to be an alluring picture to back up your wedding ceremony. Bali fulfils the fantasy of every couple who look forward for an enchanted wedding ceremony.

3.      India: The destination wedding in Goa, crystalline beaches of Kerala, hilly exuberance of Mussoorie and other myriad of options makes India a favourable country for destination wedding. All these breath-taking places in combination with luxury and the humble hospitality give a satisfying experience to couples. Just keep a check over the time of the year and the accompanying climatic condition to avoid any environmental intrusion during your ceremony.

4.      Vietnam: Da Nang, Hoi An, NhaTrang are some of the beautiful cities that are picturesque to look at and of course to hold a wedding. The stunning beaches, high-end resorts, delectable seafood of Da Nang or the medley of ancient setup with modernity in Hoi An or the sun-kissed beaches of NhaTrang present a wonderful view to organise your wedding.

Choose the location that fits your vision and get ready to organise a power-packed wedding ceremony.

5.      Maldives: A little tropical wonder amidst the vast Indian Ocean, the glory of Maldives cannot be estimated unless seen. Baa Atoll, KudaHuraa are some the destinations that are famous in this regard. The serene surrounding, crystal beaches and the Caribbean inspiration within its abode offer the intimacy that you require in your wedding.

6.      Sri Lanka:This is one of those underrated destinations that doesn’t pops up in your mind when you are looking for a proper venue. But, nevertheless, it is blessedly one of the most ornamented spots that your wedding would lucky to have.

The opulent villas accompanying the venues are equally entrancing that gives a lovely essence into your weddings. Moreover your post wedding vacation could be wonderful with some thrilling elephant rides, visit to Buddhist cave temples, strolling in the rainforest and many other spectacular tourist spots that will add more excitement indeed.

7.      Malaysia: Another stunning Southeast Asian country, Malaysia’s magical atmospheric quality teamed up with abounding luxury makes it a perfect option for a destinationwedding. The beach front resorts, clean and crisp views, towering palm trees are all the perfect ingredients for your delightful wedding.

8.      Cambodia:For a gorgeous wedding celebration, Cambodia presents an interesting location for you to have your ceremony. The rich culture and history of the region, green mountains, bustling villages in midst of the urbane lifestyle and popular resorts makes for an ideal destination wedding option.

9.      Philippines:With some of the ancient medieval structure in its territory, Philippines has several places that can bestow the rightful essence of what a destination wedding should be. The Manila Church, Balesian Island, Boracay and Palawan beach wedding or the Nuvali Countryside wedding all these are some of the escapes you might get a good look at.

10.  Laos:In the name of romantic wedding destinations, Laos is at par with all the above countries. LuangPrabhang is highlighted as the most popular tourist destination somehow is getting popular for destination weddings as well. The time-worn colourful culture of the region is just too pretty for a wedding setup.

Though the list is endless and entirely depends on your knowledge and desire, it is a brief guide for the ones who need an initial prompting in their search. Now browse around and pick the best possible option that matches all your destination wedding requirements in one go.
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