About Designer Ceiling Fans

Creativity and the need for creativity are inherently developing every day. It is viewed in small things such as wall hangings and wind chimes or in big sculptures or paintings. What astounds a mind is acreativity that can be instilled in things that are used every day.Articles ranging from the steaming coffee mug that eradicates your social media-induced insomnia to the ceiling fan that cools your anger down can be intricately designed to look like a showpiece. However, designer fans are not produced only for their stunning looks and how they contribute to the beauty of the room, but also for the technical benefits that they provide. Designer ceiling fans in India are meticulously created by illustrious companies such as Luminous.However, all over the world, there have been many designers that have made stupendous creations that have combined the power of technology and theingenuity of art in something as simple as ceiling fans.

Some interesting designs of modern ceiling fans-

Torsion Ceiling Fan- It is famous for its contemporary style, and it gets filed under ‘evergreen’ designs. It is considered timeless in design and used extensively in modern households. The fan provides an impressive cooling power and blends with the theme present in every new décor. The blade styles have superior finish and elegant design that cool the entire room in a jiffy. The design incorporates 3 plywood blades that work at top speed to maximize the powerful air flow with negligible sound to ensure serenity in the room.

Artemis Ceiling Fan- This ceiling fan leaves eyes wide and mouths hanging wide open as soon as they enter the room with its stylish design. The utilization of three-contoured aerodynamic blades that have been designed to make the blades appear as if they are overlapping each other. A variety of looks that suit the interior design of the room can be chosen such as red as blood, a serene light maple wood and stylish clear blades. It can easily accustom to any setting with its stunning looks.

Hugger Ceiling Fan- This chic designer fan comes with a set of eminent specifications. It provides the comfort of silence while looking stunning in the centre of the ceiling. With or without lights, there is a huge variety in terms of looks. The blades also come in the form of a propeller, which are inspired by the golden age of aviation. The smart fan provides cooling all over the room.

Ball Ceiling Fan-
This fan automatically obtains celebrity status as it was conjured and cast into a ceiling fan by the prestigious Ron Rezek who created a fusion of contemporary designs and modern designs.

Roto Ceiling Fan- Beneath a simple and affordable design type emerges an ultra-quiet motor. The classic industrial looks suit the Roto ceiling fan with a slightly folded inclination on the blades that increases airflow. It provides a perfect combination of classic and modern technologies. The execution of the ceiling fan with its impeccable design becomes the show stopper forall ceiling fans.
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