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While the world of smart phones is moving fast forward, there are currently endless numbers of brands. Of all these brands, Nokia is perhaps the oldest and most reliable brand. Over several decades, Nokia has a long history of production of gadgets and promotion of technology. All the way in 2011, Nokia signed collaboration with Microsoft to manufacture branded smart phones in order to take ship of smart technology to new level. As a result of the collaboration, Nokia adopted Microsoft operating system as a processor in its smart phones. Hence, Nokia produced a range of Lumia of series in close cooperation with Microsoft.

During period of collaboration with Microsoft, Nokia restructured its policies and embarked with a new vision to strengthen the world of smart phone technology. Now, Nokia is considered one of the leading brands in smart phones. It also goes without saying that Nokia fans tend to stick to it and remain loyal. The key features of Nokia phones are better battery life and stronger and stylish designs as well. It will not be exaggeration to claim that you will end up using Nokia smart phones once you get your hands on any gadget by it. Here we will look at Nokia Asha in Auckland great features and specifications.
Features, specifications and prices of Nokia Asha in Auckland:

In an attempt to present better phones to the fans and loyal users, Nokia launched several Asha mobile phones. The significant point of these phones is that these phones are presented in several colors such as orange, black, bright red, bright green, cyan, white and green. Nokia Asha in Auckland rolled out several phones in 2013. These good phones were announced at the time of the launch of Lumia series. On top of that, these better colors and specs phones were released in Africa, US, Auckland and Middle East. Another key feature of these phones is that Asha series has been launched in both single and double SIM as well.

The series of Asha phones includes the Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311, to mention a few. When it comes to using internet on these phones, it is amazing to note that internet runs faster. These fabulous phones have been manufactured in accordance with the needs of modern generation of music and fun. While you are on Nokia Asha in Auckland, you are likely to enjoy faster social media surfing. Even interesting to note is that if you buy these phones, you are going to get free forty games.

As far as retail prices of these Nokia Asha in Auckland mobile phones are concerned, the average rate is just 149 NZDs. And if you are shopping online, you are likely to avail up to 25% discount on these good phones. So, are you going to shop them online?

In the last but not the least, all mobile phones Nokia Asha in Auckland are featured in best specs and are available at discounted prices. So, shop them and enjoy better mobile experience! 

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